furnitureFrom purchasing the perfect time to picking out colors, there are a few things you need to do to help you find a furniture that lasts while saving cash and time during the process.

Furniture Buying Guide

Know The Different Kinds of Wood

There are three types of woods you need to know when shopping for furniture Myrtle Beach. Composite or particle board, veneer, and solid wood. Furniture made of solid wood is costlier than other wood types and they also look great. However, they could be susceptible to water rings and scratches. Veneers on the other hand have a costly wood base that covered by various thin layers of wood that have better quality.

Thanks to this cheap core, veneers are not as costly as solid wood pine. Meanwhile, composite wood or particle board are created from a mix of plastics, wood pulp, and resin, basically they are made of furniture scraps. They are known as the most affordable type of wood furniture. They may look pretty decent but you cannot expect them to last for decades.

Check Cabinets and Drawers

Open the cabinets and drawers. Every single draw must pull all the way out. It should also latch properly and then shut evenly. The doors must open and stay open while you are trying to get something. Then shut it again. Inspect the knobs and handles. They must fit perfectly and tightly and not turn or jiggle.

Watch Out For Glue and Nails

Search for wood that are joined at the corners and ends, not nailed or glued in. Referred to as wood joinery, these pieces are more durable and could handle more weight.

Consider Your Way Of Living

Think about your lifestyle and let it help you find out what fabrics and colors you should choose. If you have pets or kids, then dark colors are better and go for line, tweed, or other tough fabric that is stain resistant.

Check The Legs

Don’t forget to inspect the legs. It should be made of wood, jointed to the chair or sofa’s frame and heavy. Don’t go with rubber, plastic, or metal legs because they don’t look nice. Plus, they can tear up the floors and they don’t last very long.

Check The Springs

In case you are fond of firm sofas, search for one that comes with conventional coiled springs. In case you would like a softer feel, choose zigzag coils. Before you make a purchase, take out the cushions and then press the sofa’s base down. The coils must push down and then spring back into its proper place right away.

Check the Cushions

Search for cushions that are firm and those that come with a removable cover that match on both sides. Firm cushions are durable. You should flip them every few months. This simple trick can make your cushions last longer.

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