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Choosing High Quality Wicker Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Myrtle Beach SCComparing various brand names and designs of wicker furniture could usually be quite a challenge to determine if it is made from a high-quality material or just a rip-off. How will you be able to tell if you are paying too much for a wicker furniture?

The Best Ways To Distinguish High-Quality Wicker Furniture

Check the material

Low-quality wicker is constructed from plastic products that will scrape, tear, become detangled in time. This is why this type of furniture looks and feels cheap. Sure, it can look like the real one, but plastic wicker furniture is lightweight.

High-quality wicker furniture is constructed of a product called Polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene is an artificial material that is environment-friendly and unhazardous for the atmosphere. Wicker strands are instilled with UV inhibitors which stop fading as a result of direct sun exposure. Polyethylene is very resilient, low-maintenance, as well as is manufactured to endure environmental elements. It is immune to fracturing, damaging, and fading. Plus, this product can last longer.

Inspect the weave pattern

A durable type of this furniture is expertly hand-woven, where you see a couple of rows each time. When suppliers try to invest in quantity rather than top quality, the wicker is woven in ten rows on each. This usually leads to patterns that go in a particular direction, thus spacing is not similar or in proportion. Poor quality weave will certainly wander off from one side to the other. This is due to the fact that it is virtually difficult to readjust and maintain Polyethylene strands in the right direction especially when dealing with a multitude of rows.

However, most clients are not aware of this labor-intensive process of making real wicker furniture. What you only see is the end product that will complement your outdoor patio.

 Furniture support

Some businesses aim to lower prices when it comes to the structure which eventually causes warping and bending over time. Thick scale lightweight aluminum structure uses strong support while preserving a light-weight finish. This makes it very easy for you to reorganize your patio area furniture.Some furnishings (specifically sectionals as well as outdoor daybeds) have unique support constructed in with the framework. A mesh support grid works like bungee cables so that the seating area will have additional support.

Price range

As previously mentioned, outdoor wicker furniture is distinguished by price and quality. On one hand, you could buy a low-cost collection at a neighborhood shop but will not last long. At some point, you will also discover overpriced wicker furniture collection.

To get the best wicker furniture at an affordable price range but made from high-quality materials, you can visit the Furniture & Mattresses Warehouse in Little River.


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Recliner Chair Buying 101: Most Common Questions

Recliner Chair Myrtle BeachGetting a recliner is not really a struggle, however, it is something that needs a particular amount of effort. There are a number of variables to think about before deciding which recliner chair to buy, such as its fit, design, and fabric.

To help you through the recliner buying dilemma, here are a few questions to enlighten you if you want to have the best recliner sofa.

Basic Recliner Chair Buying Questions Answered

  1. What type of room do you have?

You can limit your search by establishing what design you are trying to match. Do you have a modern-day room or a traditional one? Just make sure that the reclining chair matches your room’s design. There is always a recliner style that fits your room’s design.

  1. How much are you ready to invest?

It is easy to get carried away by a comfortable chair, particularly if you mean to spend more time on the recliner chair compared to your bed. But be sure to have a fixed budget that you will be able to follow. If you’re intending to invest $500, then stick to that amount. Do not get a loan just to get the recliner you want. Instead, learn to compromise and stick to your budget but without compromising comfort.

When you come to Furniture and Mattresses, our representatives will find something for you. We have a large inventory of recliners to fit any room design and budget.

  1. Who is most likely to use the recliner often?

This point is rather very easy to address– nevertheless, you are most likely getting the recliner chair only for you. But if you have other family members who live with you, then they are also likely to use the recliner chair.

One thing to remember when buying a recliner chair is that comfort is connected to the user’s dimension and weight. So, be sure to get a recliner that matches the size and dimension of the person whose most likely to spend more time in it.

  1. How big is the recliner chair you need?

Another factor to consider when buying a recliner is to find one that fits in the room where you intend to put it. If it would be placed near the wall, then buying a recliner will not be sensible. Be sure to measure the area before coming to our furniture store, to make sure that the salesman could gauge the range if you should buy a chair that reclines completely or not.

Did you know that there are three types of reclining chairs available?

  • The Conventional Two-Position Reclining Chair:

This recliner chair, which is a more economical choice, showcases a device that loosens the footrest and enables the user to recline completely. Most of these types of reclining chairs claim to be made from natural leather, but they may not be. Sure, the seat base, legs, and arms are made of natural leather but external side panels and the back are covered in vinyl material.

The main disadvantage of this type of reclining chair is that is only limited to a number of designs, colors, and fabric available.

  • The Rocker Recliner/Wall-Saver Reclining Chair

In contrast to the previously mentioned two-position recliner chair, this kind is one of the most prominent reclining chair options and in effect, one of the most extensively produced. It allows you to rock even when seated upright and includes a variety of reclining angles. But if you’re choosing the “wall-saver” type, you can place your reclining chair closer to the wall surface, which is suitable for smaller sized areas as you’ll have the ability to fit all other essential furniture without creating an excessive mess.

  • The Push-Back/Flex-Back Reclining chair

This is an excellent alternative for trendy, informal people with an extra modern-looking space, as you could easily find streamlined designs of this kind of recliner chair.

The majority of push-back reclining chairs are totally covered in natural leather, making the chair a little more costly, however much more fashionable. On that note, push-back reclining chairs are offered in more detail-oriented designs as well as trimmings, such as piping.

By reading the list of answered questions above, you are sure to find the best recliner chair that you need and one that fits your budget.

For more recliner chair options at an affordable price, you can visit Furniture & Mattresses in Little River.

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How To Integrate Accent Furniture In Your Home

When speaking about accent furniture, experts say it is a type of furniture that is easily noticeable because it somehow completes a room’s design. As its name suggests, accent means emphasis or highlight.

Any little bit of accent furniture worthy of being named that will go beyond mere efficiency, but often for its aesthetic appeal. Some pieces of accent furniture may not even have a function or practical use. Its goal is to include color, description, and spectacle to your indoor space.

There are numerous ways to integrate an accent piece into your home. This is where it is smart to splurge based on the kind of accent you want. You can also check local thrift stores or vintage shops for pieces of furniture that you need. The goal here is to search for something that excites you and provides your home that something extra and get people’s attention.

How To Use Accent Furniture Inside The House

Focus on the entrance

The entrance identifies the design of the entire house, which is also the perfect place to use an accent piece. A bombe chest, as an example, is a superb accent piece. Every other ornate chest, colored, or gilded, will continue to work as well. Decide on a chest furniture with a solid color or a superb shape.

Choose small tables

Small desks are a terrific way to incorporate accents in your home. Most common accent tables are painted or have some interesting features to it. They might be created from unconventional materials, have solid colors or lines, the options are unlimited. Just make sure you choose the stand because of its eye-catching ability.

Utilize oversized majestic pieces

An accent furniture could equally be a sizable and imposing item. It could be an armoire, a China case, or big coated folding screen. When decorating a busy room, you can use a simple accent furniture with bright colors. Alternatively, if the other pieces of furniture at home are muted, then get a large, imposing ornate item.

 Choose a couch with character

Chairs are incredibly commonly used as accent pieces in some homes. Choosing an accent seat look for just one with a solid profile, or remarkable upholstery or a color that interests you.

You can also choose a completely different style from your other furniture. Design experts realized that blending two completely different styles can create outstanding results. So, if some of your furniture pieces are traditional, try attracting a modern seat, or the other way around.

Imagine a home without interesting pieces of furniture, it could be lonely and plain. You can have a home furnished with beautiful accent pieces when you visit Furniture & Mattresses in Little River.

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Choosing The Best Sofa That Is Right For You

furniture_Little RiverWhen you are buying a sofa for the first time, you know that it is really a significant financial investment. This is why you reap the benefits of choosing the best sofa based on your needs. No one should experience frustration and regret from buying impulsively. If you go to a furniture store, a great sales representative will surely understand and help you with your buying choices.

When it comes to choosing the best sofa, the most vital factor to think about is the quality and convenience you get. This will greatly help you especially if you plan to spend most of your time on your sofa. If you are bent between choosing the best looking sofa and the most comfortable one, choose the latter.That is why you have to test one prior to purchasing, just like when buying your first car. You pick the one that lets you feel good.

 Tips For Finding The Best Sofa For You

Do not be in a hurry

When buying a sofa for the first time, make sure you do not book any other appointments for the day. Spend as much time as you can trying out every sofa that you can. Sitting on one option for just a few seconds may not give you all the information that you need. This is where a good sales representative can also be of service to you. The sales representative should understand what you need and offer several choices.

 Check a variety of designs

Check out a variety designs and try out the couch just how you would use it at home.

Do you want to rest with your legs huddled? Do you want to relax on it? Do you really feel happiest being in the facility?

Think about the elevation as well as the deepness of the seat. For taller individuals, it is best to have much deeper seats.

If you find it difficult to stand up from being seated, choose a shallower seat.

How does it feel when you are seated down? Do you prefer a tight-back couch or one with loosened padding? Try all various pillow setups to see which one really feels right. Just remember to take off your shoes before putting your feet on the couch.

Check out the comfort level

Everyone has a different sense of comfort and convenience. Some people love that they can sink into the sofa while others prefer a sofa with a firmer cushion. Now, which one do you prefer?

Try resting on various fills to pick the level of softness or gentleness that you want. Take into consideration if you desire the exact same degree of gentleness or suppleness in the seat as well as the back.

Check out various fabrics

Each fabric is most likely to feel different from the previous one you tried. Fabrics also contribute to the general feeling of sitting on a sofa. You may find different fabric prints that you want, however, do you like the feel or are you comfortable sitting on it. Do you want that it is glossy or feels rough? Do you like the feel of natural leather?

When screening for the material in your sofa, you need to additionally inspect if it wrinkles easily or extends. If it wrinkles quickly, it will surely be challenging to preserve its look for a long period of time. Drooping fabric will certainly make it look run-down really rapidly.

Find the best sofa that fits your needs when you visit Furniture & Mattresses warehouse

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All About The Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofa Little RiverWhen it concerns sleeper sofa, searching for the ideal one could be fairly a difficult task. The tasks become even harder when you try to fit it in a smaller room. The good news is that there are sleeper sofas that are manufactured just for this instance and they are far better than the ready-to-assemble sofa available in the market today. Now, you can have a customized sleeper sofa that is made with the finest quality compared to the other choices in the market today.

Years ago, ready-to-assemble sleeper sofas were believed to be cheaply made and most likely to break down in a few months. Thankfully, that has changed significantly and ready-to-assemble sleeper sofas are now as good as customized furniture made by top-quality manufacturers

How To Find The Best Sleeper Sofa

The best-customized sleeper sofa on the marketplace consists of a strong structure, lifetime warranty, and sometimes better than the more expensive ones. The good thing is, they are made according to your own specification and design but are still valued at a budget-friendly price. The air mattress that you obtain with a customized ready-to-assemble sleeper sofa is of high-quality and better compared to the old-fashioned sleepers that supply a great rigid bar in your back. They are also very simple to set up when you use them, and also easy to put away when needed. You will definitely want to have a sleeper sofa like this when you have guests who want to stay for the night.

Sleeper sofas are provided in three pieces. You can then fit them in a small space which can be easily assembled when you need it. There is no need to worry because setting up these type of sleeper sofa takes only minutes and can be completed without using any tools or devices. Even younger children can help with the setup.

Since a sleeper sofa could be suited to homes with small spaces and you know that they are well-made and can last longer, there is no need to find another sofa. Why not try one of these sleeper sofas and you might be surprised by how it suits your needs.

Try to look for affordable and high-quality sleeper sofa in your area. If you live in Little River and its surrounding areas, you can visit the Furniture & Mattresses warehouse.

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How To Find High-Quality, Low-Priced Furniture

Furniture Myrtle BeachAre you currently looking for a furniture? Most people think that high-quality furniture means paying too much. But if you know where to shop and what to look for, then you may a high-quality furniture at a surprisingly low cost.

Below are pointers to help you find the ideal furniture based on your budget and your needs.

Finding High-Quality Furniture


When it comes to finding the right WOOD furniture, you have to know that there are three types: solid wood, veneers, and composite wood.

  • Furniture made from solid wood looks wonderful but costs more compared to other kinds. They also are at risk to scrapes as well as water rings.
  • Veneers have an affordable wood base covered by numerous thin layers of better-quality wood. Due to the more affordable core, veneers typically are not as pricey as solid wood.
  • Particle board or composite wood items are made from a mix of plastic, wood pulp, and resin, essentially the scraps of the furniture industry. These are the most affordable kind of wood furniture which could look respectable, yet will not stand up for years.

Inspect cabinets and closets

When looking for wood cabinets or closets, try to open them to ensure the cabinet draws opens completely, locks appropriately, and then closes equally. See to it that the cabinet doors open, remain open and closed once again. Examine the knobs or handles and make sure that they fit snugly and not move.


If you wish to have furniture with fabric materials, allow your way of life to establish exactly what colors and fabric you choose. As an example, if you have a pet dog who loves getting on the furniture, then a suede couch is not the best living room furniture for you.

Check the cushion

If you like sofas look for one with conventional coiled spring. If you desire a softer couch, look for zigzag coils. Before purchasing, check the couch. Remove the pillows as well as push down on the base of the couch. The coils must push down and bounce back right into place quickly.

The best ways to acquire furniture at a low cost

Buy at the right time

Furniture prices rise and fall throughout the year. Experts say that you are likely to get bargain furniture around Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Yet if you desire the very best bargain, wait till the 4th of July or perhaps Christmas when furniture shops push to clearance sale of old stock and provide the most significant price cuts.

Try buying used furniture

You could discover that previously owned furniture can be a good choice as long as you check it very carefully. You’ll undoubtedly find splits, spots, watermarks, as well as scrapes, but try to inspect carefully to find stains on the sofas as well as chairs. Take the time to look for durability as well as convenience.


Some individuals delight in negotiating for a better price. However, there are two acquisitions that are bargaining “requirements” and they are cars and furniture. Furniture shops have high mark up prices which gives them a lot of wiggle space. Expert hagglers can easily ask for 10-20% off the price if they do it right.

For all-year round low cost but high-quality furniture, you can always visit Furniture & Mattresses warehouse in Little River.


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Furniture Buying Tips: Avoid Getting Ripped-off By Furniture Shop

Furniture_Little RiverBuying furniture to have a nice, comfortable home is in itself a luxury and the last thing people want is to get ripped off of their chosen piece. This goes especially to those who are on a tight budget.

Reading this article would somehow teach people on to the most common ploys done when it comes to furniture buying.

Furniture Buying Tricks

  1. One of the oldest tricks is the “I-Made-A-Mistake-Adding” maneuver.  Making bulk purchases such as the ensemble of furniture is one example.  The salesperson will give a quotation as to how much the set would cost and would deliberately make a mistake. When they see customers get overwhelmed, they would point out that itis hundred bucks lower, customers would think they actually saved. It may sound old, but it works.
  2. A lot of stores are guilty of this act. A scheme called “Bait and Switch”.  Customers are reeled into the store by an ad that promotes items at a low price but sadly, is unavailable. Next would be to push customers to buy the higher-priced piece. If these people insist on buying the one on the bargain, they’ll be put off by the salesperson. This is the management’s plan and is to blame.  There are other stores who will sell the preferred piece and is best to steer clear of that store.
  3. A variant of “Bait and Switch”, the Low-Ball” trick, usually happens in phone-shopping. The salesperson will give the low price and after reeling customers into the store, the preferred items are unavailable. A truckload of apologies will be given for the apparent mistake they made and will offer nicer materials. Notice this trap and never fall for it.
  4. Some salesperson prior to closing the deal will request customers to sign a “paperwork”.  People turn away from contract-signing, hence changing the name “contract” to “paperwork”. This will bind them legally to buy products that are unwanted. A good advice is to read carefully and know the contract law.
  5. Pulling up a “this-is-the-last-one” tactic gives much pressure to buyers.  Informing customers that the piece they are eyeing on is also being eyed by another buyer. Evoking fear is the key to their sales and it is not a good thing.
  6. The “limited-time” scheme evokes urgency to buy something and eliminates buyer’s rights to actually wait and think things over.
  7. Salesperson having difficulty may turn over buyers to a higher management to give them better deals but actually adds up to the pressure of having to purchase.

It is, of course, important to buy furniture that is easy on the pocket.  Buyers must be wise or else so that they can purchase items that they well deserve.

For affordable but high-quality furniture, you can always go to the Furniture & Mattresses warehouse or visit their website.

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Looking For High-Quality Sofa Bed? Read This!

Furniture Little RiverYou could transform any type of space into a comfortable room or guest area by providing it with high-quality sleeper sofa.

A sofa bed is known by other names–sleeper, rest couch–is just one of the most functional and hardworking furniture pieces you will have. Over time, sofa beds have improved in terms of comfort. Actually, some sofa beds have become as comfortable similar to a regular bed.

How To Find The Best Sofa Bed

Buying a sofa bed means that it will probably be used as a couch. Thus, it makes good sense to try to find the very same functions that a couch would provide including a style suitable to what you need and various design choices. The only distinction is that you should find a comfortable bed mattress with efficient mechanisms.

Find a sturdy wood structure

The best and most sturdy structures for any variety of couch or sofa, which includes a sofa bed, are the ones made from kiln-dried wood or a mix of kiln-dried wood as well as furniture-grade plywood.

Find one with efficient mechanism

A good quality sofa bed should easily be raised up in one fine motion without the squeaking sound. Find sofa bed units with a secure lock-down bar to be sure appropriate closure with a very easy opening can be done.

Check for Smooth Edges on All Internal Systems

All components of a sleeper sofa’s internal device ought to have smooth sides to ensure that sheets and coverings do not grab or hole consequently. When you using the sofa bed in your very own residence, or even those with the very best operating devices, it’s constantly a great practice to remove sheets and coverings prior to closing it

Examine Cushion for High Quality

A high-quality cushion creates an excellent evening’s rest and will easily support the body at the hips, shoulders and lower back.Did you know that a thicker cushion is not always better; a thinner, better-built one may supply far better assistance. You could additionally take into consideration utilizing a comfy cushion pad when you sleep on the sofa bed.

 Test the sofa bed

It’s constantly a smart idea to check a sofa bed prior to you purchasing it. Try to open and shut it to see just how it really feels. It ought to be very easy to operate, and should not be hard to open it. Open it and lie in it to know exactly how the cushion really feels.

Measuring the bed is important

Constantly ensure that you know the size you need before buying a sofa bed. Do not wait for it to be delivered first before determining the dimensions you need. Bear in mind that it requires as much space as a bed or even more when totally opened up. If you are intending to put any kind of furniture before it, make sure they are light and very easy to move to make it easy to open up the sofa bed.

When you are looking for a high-quality sofa bed, be sure to call or visit Furniture & Mattresses in Little River for a wide range of choices.

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Furniture Buying Tips On Haggling Your Way To That Lovely Sofa

furniture_Little RiverHaggling used to be an alien word for most people but since consumers these days are having a hard time letting go of that hard-earned dollar, practicing haggling has become usual.

Big ticket items are usually the ones worth haggling for, one perfect example is furniture. Furniture is an expensive item that you don’t get to buy regularly and most of the time sellers put a high markup on them so haggling your way to a fairer price is a really smart move.

Furniture Haggling Guide

Come early or come late. If you are going furniture shopping and you have no intention of buying the items for the full price, coming early or coming late to the store are your two options. Be there a few minutes after the opening or an hour before closing time because it is at these times that the sellers are usually desperate to have a sale and haggling won’t be a painful task. This will make the bargain shopper in you very pleased and satisfied.

Have the right attitude. Haggling is not rocket science but it requires a certain combination of the right attitude for you to tell the seller that this is the price that you are willing to pay for the furniture. You don’t have to be manipulative and pushy, this might turn off the seller. You certainly shouldn’t be passive either, this will just lower your chances to haggle because the seller might think that he/she could easily sell you the furniture for the full price. Be bold, be brave, be confident, be charming and show the seller that you are a consumer who values your money and knows what you want.

Shop some more. Since you are already furniture shopping, why don’t you search the entire store and you might find something that you like aside from that furniture you are dying to buy. Once you’ve found something that you think you also want to purchase, offer the seller a deal to give you discounts on buying both items from their store.

Walk the walk. If all else fails, walk away and tell the seller that you just can’t afford to buy it at full price. Chances are the seller would chase you and offer a better deal. If unfortunately the seller lets you go, be prepared to search for furniture elsewhere. At the end of the day if you still find yourself fancying that furniture, come back and show the seller your willingness to buy but your wallet just won’t allow it.

For easier and more affordable furniture buying, visit the Furniture & Mattresses warehouse in Little River

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How To Buy Bedroom Furniture Without Breaking Your Wallet

Furniture Little_RiverIt is easy.  All it takes is some wise and practical decision-making skills.  The following are some tips and advice to help you make that sound personal decision.

There is no right furniture, but there is a furniture that is right for you.

Believe it or not, there is no type of furniture that is simply perfect.  What exists out there is a furniture that is able to fulfill and do the functions you expect it to do.

Budget Saving Furniture Choices

So what should you do first?  Primarily, prior to purchasing or even contemplating to buy that bed or vanity table, it is best that you measure the particular space you intend to put it in.

A beautiful work, a magnificent brass bed is really not worth anything if it will not fit your bedroom.

Begin with the end in mind

First things first, why do you want to buy it in the first place?  As much as possible, it is best that you have a clear idea of what your objective is of buying a particular piece of bedroom furniture.

Why are you on the lookout for a vanity table or cabinet?  Do you particularly want something that only you can use?  Or do you want one that even the whole family could have access to?  Knowing what the purpose is for your purchase helps clear any cobwebs in your mind that might cloud your decision-making ability.

Make it blend

It is best that furniture is purchased not for its own sake alone, but how it would blend with its environment.  Interior decorating is a bit expensive.  But one need not ask a professional to do this.  By simply making logical decisions, such as making the furniture’s color compliment with the walls, for example, will not take a lot of money.  Doing so could also help establish your bedroom with a style that is uniquely your own.

Make the bed

A bedroom will not be complete without, of course, a bed.  The best way to start thinking of which bed to buy is by first taking into consideration the room’s size and see which type of bed would best fit inside it.

There are a lot of bed options to choose from.  For one, there are futons, bunk beds, day bed, trundle bed (this type of bed could actually save you some space), full-sized beds.

It all depends on how large your room is, how small, or how much space you would want to move in once the furniture starts to be placed in their appropriate positions.

All in all, buying bedroom furniture depends not just on your wants or needs but also on your bedroom’s specifications.

For a wide range of furniture choices that are within your budget, call or visit Furniture & Mattresses warehouse in Little River.

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