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To Keep or Not To Keep: Which Furniture Is Durable Enough To Save?

Furniture Myrtle BeachYou are cleaning out your apartment and getting rid of all the useless stuff that’s been piling up in it for years. You notice the couch you bought when you first moved into your apartment, the very first piece of furniture you ever purchased. You hardly use it anymore because you’ve bought another couch, and because it’s already quite damaged, owing to the many years of wear and tear it had already been through. Still, you can’t seem to part with it. You decide to have the couch repaired so that you can use it again and give it a new life.

To save or not to save, that is the question.

But how would you be able to tell if the mattress or furniture is really worth saving? What if having the couch repaired would cost as much as buying a brand new one? Is it still worth saving then?

Here are some ways for you to determine if a piece of furniture is worth saving for repair.

To Keep or Not to Keep?

It’s in the frame

If the main structure or the frame of the furniture is intact and durable, it might be worth saving. The only things that you will probably have to get fixed or replaced are the fabric, foam and other minimal parts of the furniture. This also gives you the opportunity to change the color and design of the furniture so that you can update its look.

You can’t get rid of a classic

If a piece of furniture has classic lines and an overall classic style and design, you might want to keep the furniture and have its worn-out parts repaired. Besides, as the saying goes, you can never go wrong with a classic – the saying holds true with fashion and film, as well as furniture.

If the furniture has sentimental value.

If a piece of furniture has been passed on from generation to generation of your family, an heirloom like that is almost definitely worth saving. You can’t put a price tag on sentimental value, so by all means, try and save a piece of furniture that has much of it.

Of course, if the piece of furniture is nearly impossible to repair or will cost too much money, the best alternative is to commission a craftsman to create an exact duplicate of the furniture.

Still can’t decide if you want to save your furniture and have them repaired? Have a trusted handyman or a professional upholstery service look at the piece of furniture. As experts on the matter, they’ll be sure to know what to do.

For furniture that will last for generations, you can visit Furniture & Mattresses for a wide range of furniture and mattresses you can choose from.

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Key Factors To Consider When Buying Furniture

Furniture North Myrtle BeachBuying the right furniture is life-changing since it can affect your wellness, your convenience, as well as your performance. While this awareness can make acquiring furniture a little bit tough, it is necessary. You wish to purchase furniture that fits, sustains and also boosts the way you live.

If you are brand-new to getting furniture or have uncovered that the furniture you have is not helping you in any way, here are a few ideas for you.

Five Practical Furniture Buying Ideas

1. Identify Your Needs
Furniture is basically a practical asset as well as is utilized for repair issues connected to exactly how your residence works for you. It is essential to establish your requirements prior to purchasing furniture.

In addition to your demands, there are likewise restraints when it concerns furnishing. These restrictions might relate to area, wellness, budget, or any type of other unique requirements. Recognizing both your furniture demands as well as restrictions can assist you to check out furnishing opportunities better. Make this the initial and also many fundamental steps of your purchasing procedure.

2. Discover Your Style
Understanding just how to find your own style will help you to purchase furniture that is absolutely your very own.

A clear view of design provides you the self-confidence to acquire simply the ideal item. Furniture that is in line with your design or enhances it efficiently makes your area not just comfy, yet eye-catching.

Having a clear vision of your design additionally provides you higher adaptability. You can possibly find it in one of the most unique furniture pieces. You can incorporate relatively diverse items to produce absolutely one-of-a-kind and unique areas. You additionally can locate various other home furniture that enhances your furniture in such a way that is all your own.

3. Pick Eco-Friendly Options
Acquiring eco-friendly furniture feels like the most effective point to do to shield your wellness which of your residence. With the elevated recognition concerning the circumstances of our earth, purchasing eco-friendly furniture appears a lot more vital.

Together with the elevated recognition, there are many misunderstandings regarding purchasing eco-friendly that even one of the most sympathetic purchasers can obtain perplexed. Often it is the producers that such as to puzzle with deceptive marketing or greenwashing.

4. Think About Construction Quality
High quality is necessary for any type of critical furniture buyer. Often two couches can appear virtually similar, however, you will see a massive cost distinction. When you check out better, you will certainly generally discover a terrific difference in top quality, as a result of exactly how well the items are built.

Construction quality figures out the length of time your furniture will last after you purchase it as well as the length of time it will certainly have the ability to preserve its appearances. It likewise establishes the degree of convenience you can anticipate to obtain from your items. Make certain you know what you want so you can purchase the most effective furniture you can manage, which typically gives you more time before you require to change it.

5. Have Good Judgement
There are several furniture purchasing errors that can adversely affect your furniture-purchasing experience. The bright side is that these blunders are completely avoidable. When you think of your demands before buying furniture, you are much less suitable to make mistakes in judgment. Among one of the most usual blunders is neglecting to gauge your room in addition to your furniture. An additional usual blunder prior to purchasing furniture is ruling out that will certainly be utilizing it.

One more essential facet of discovering just how to purchase furniture is to look past patterns as well as get furniture based upon top quality and functionality.

Visit Furniture & Mattresses for a wide array of furniture you can choose from.

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How To Choose High-Quality Furniture At A Low Cost

Furniture Myrtle BeachFrom purchasing the correct time to selecting colors, below’s what you require to discover furniture that lasts, and helps save time as well as money while you go to it. Here are a few tips on how to get high-quality furniture without breaking the bank.

High-Quality Furniture Buying Tips

1. Know your wood kinds
Wood furniture comes under 3 groups: hardwood, veneers, and also particle board or composite wood.

  • hardwood furniture is usually a lot more costly than other kinds as well as looks wonderful, yet can be prone to scrapes and also water rings.
  • Veneers have an affordable wood base covered by a number of slim layers of better-quality wood.
  • Particleboard and also composite wood items are made from a mix of timber pulp, plastics, and also material, essentially the scraps of the furniture world. These are the most affordable sort of wood furniture as well as can look good, however, will not stand up for years.

2. Inspect cabinets and also cupboards
Open up the cabinets as well as cupboards. Make certain the cabinet draws right out, locks effectively, and after that closes equally. See to it doors open, continue to be in an employment opportunity (rather than breaking shut while you’re attempting to obtain something out of the cupboard), and also closed once again. Inspect the manages as well as knobs. They ought to fit firmly as well as not agitate or transform.

3. Stay clear of nails as well as adhesive
Seek timber signed up with at ends as well as edges, not glued or toenailed in. Recognized in the production globe as timber joinery, these items are studier and also can take even more weight.

4. Consider your way of life
Let your way of life establish what colors as well as materials you pick. Some people have an active dog frequently climbing up on the furniture. So a white suede sofa will not be the best choice. If you have children or pet dogs, stick to dark shades as well as stain-resistant tough textiles like linen or tweed.

5. Be reasonable when it comes to colors
I purchased an orange corduroy elbow chair at a furniture shop. At the time, my home was embellished in orange, blue, as well as white, as well as I assumed I would certainly enjoy those shades permanently. As it ended up, “for life” had to do with a year. I got tired of the brilliant orange chair I bought. My takeaway on this choice is to stick to neutral shades for your larger as well as more costly items. Conserve strong shades for design items.

6. Purchase at the right time
Furniture costs rise and fall throughout the year. You’ll obtain bargains around Memorial Day and also Veterans Day, both preferred times for furniture sales. If you desire the finest offer, wait up until the Fourth of July or also Christmas when furniture shops press to get rid of the last of their stock and also use the largest discount rates.

7. Do not eliminate used furniture
You can discover good deals with previously owned furniture as long as you check it very carefully. You will surely see splits, spots, rips, watermarks, and also scrapes, however, raise pillows and also seek spots within sofas as well as chairs. Stay on it for as long as time permits to look for strength and convenience.

8. Haggle
Some individuals appreciate negotiating but some are not good at it. It makes them uneasy and would instead wait for a sale than attempt to haggle with a sale representative. There are 2 acquisitions that are bargaining “requirements”: automobiles as well as furniture. Furniture has huge markups, so furniture shops have a lot of room for adjustments. In my experience, they’ll rip off 10 to 20 percent if you ask. If that does not work, opt for an additional: cost-free cushions or cost-free shipment as well as configuration.

When it comes to mattresses, comfort, style, and cost should be your non-negotiables. Visit Furniture & Mattresses for a wide array of furniture you can choose from.

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Why Choose A Furniture Wholesaler

Living Room FurnitureSouth Carolina is a place that knows how to unwind. With its pristine beaches and magnificent coastline, it is no wonder that people from all over the world come in to enjoy the view. Out of all the several exports the state flaunts, possibly one of the most prominent is for furniture. South Carolina is home to some of the world’s largest furniture wholesaler that boasts of high-quality furniture and workmanship. Here are some reasons why South Carolina should be your destination when looking for quality yet affordable furniture.

Reasons To Go To A Furniture Wholesaler

Trying to find a far better means to give away: Each year lots of personal business, people, or companies, seek a means to return to their area and also ease a few of the tax obligation problem in return. While money contributions are welcome, they are not as personal, neither do they satisfy a demand like an item donation. When it pertains to item donations, why not go for furniture that people can use. Providing the present of better as well as longer lifespan is simply one factor to purchase wholesale furniture.

Possible business opportunity: While a piece of furniture is popular in your area, it is possible that more people want this in other places. If you are wanting to import an item that you really feel can open the profit margin on your company, go this course and obtain something that is very economical and easy to sell.

Joining a co-op to obtain house furniture at even more cost-effective rates: Another manner in which lots of people forget to profit from wholesale furniture is the chance to fit with like-minded people, household, or next-door neighbors. By merging sources, you can obtain specifically what you are seeking for residence or yard without paying retail.

Furniture & Mattresses can ensure credibility that you cannot just get anywhere else: There are numerous imitations available, and in some cases, the only method to understand that you are getting authentic items is by acquiring straight from the source.

Provides you or your clients more choices: Diversity typically leads the way to satisfaction. Whether you are seeking even more furniture alternatives for your office or home, or you desire your consumers to have the option beyond what they can receive from practically anywhere, getting from furniture wholesaler unlocks a world of convenience and quality.

Find a wide range of furniture choices when you visit furniture wholesaler in Little River, Furniture & Mattresses.

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Choosing An Accent Furniture For Your New Deck

Accent Furniture Little RiverThe appropriate patio furniture for your brand-new deck will not make or damage your house, however, it can go a long way in having your friends and family take pleasure in the outdoors. Choosing the appropriate patio furniture and accent furniture for your deck does not happen by accident. With myriad designs and kinds out on the marketplace nowadays, you need to practice a little patience prior to paying for your patio furniture.

Finding the Ideal Accent Furniture

Do a little research if you want to obtain a piece of furniture that matches your preference, your environment and most especially your budget. Additionally, you may want to choose furniture that fits and will certainly last for several years.

When you begin to discover the ideal outdoor accent for your brand-new deck, you need to work within a budget. It is extremely easy to overlook your budget when there are hundreds of accent furniture to choose from. And while it might seem like a breeze to grab an outside couch for sale, you will certainly still wind up wishing to accent it with other items.

There are clearly no rules indicated here. Everybody has a different convenience degree. The trick is to acquire the best quality accent furniture you can for the very best cost. You actually do get what you spend for.

Before you look for the best patio area furniture for your brand-new deck, you wish to take some dimensions. You do not intend to overload the location with home furnishings to ensure that it comes to be challenging to browse. It is very easy to obtain excessive furnishings. Withstand as well as rather concentrate on obtaining the ideal patio area furnishings for your brand-new deck.

Purchasing online can be a huge help. The choice is larger than what you find in your neighborhood furniture store. Second, it is easier to go shopping by design or to discover coordinating items to finish your deck. Numerous online sellers supply complimentary delivery, so you do not have to stress yourself in figuring out how you are going to take your furniture home.

When trying to find the best outdoor patio furnishings for your brand-new deck, you likewise wish to think about the weather condition and climate in your area. If you live in South Carolina, you can go with trendy wicker as well as wood furniture rather than steel, which can be warm to the touch. The opposite holds true if you reside in chillier locations, where lightweight aluminum furniture can be an excellent all-year-round selection.

If you are trying to find the best accent furniture for your brand-new patio, you clearly need to pick one that matches your lifestyle and entertainment needs. If you enjoy the outdoors, find furniture with comfortable seating so guests can be comfortable, too. If you plan on just having small celebrations, you might want to choose couches and enjoy seats along with a wonderful table for great conversation over dinner. As you set out your room, bear in mind to leave space for a grill along with adding some smaller sized side tables or an exterior coffee table. Ensure that your guests have a lot of table room to put their plates and glasses.

Do not neglect factors that will make your visitors really feel extra at home and comfortable. This consists of some lights during the night along with some electric fans if you live in a warm environment or heating units for those quick autumns as well as winter season when temperature levels dip a little but still want to enjoy your deck.

There are many designs and styles of accent furniture to choose from when you visit Furniture & Mattresses.

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Laid-Back History of Recliners

Recliner Chair Myrtle BeachThroughout the years, recliners have been popular and can be found in a variety of designs. But have you wondered where they originated from? When we go back in time, you will see how such a simple chair has a history of satisfied sitters. Did you know that recliners go way back ancient Egypt?

All About Recliners History

You can find recliners in every place such as houses, medical facilities, clinics, and even treatment centers. This is because recliners have a therapeutic effect and have been used throughout the years. It allows anyone sitting on it to rest their feet off the flooring. Several of the earlier versions of the recliner chairs have remained in the easy chair prominent in fancy shops. However, the therapeutic benefits have been overshadowed by its relaxing function.

  • The very first recliners where seen in the 1700’s throughout the 1800’s and also were non-motorized. There were versions of these recliners that completely reclined.
  • It was not considered that this chair would feature a footrest.
  • Multi placement reclining chairs started to be seen in the late 1800’s. These chairs were manually operated to recline in numerous methods.
  • Napoleon III was one of the famous people in history who was reported to have owned a cushioned armed, cot design recliner chair.
  • Edward Knabusch as well as Edwin Shoemaker, in 1928, created what they believed was great originality for a reclining chair.  Their earliest designs reclined whenever you leaned back in them. These gents were not the only ones that recognize individuals wanted to relax.

Recliners Gain Wide Appeal

During the 1950s, the majority of American residences had two recliners. The feature, as well as the design, had expanded from that time. However, throughout this time, recliners were considered a chair for men only because they can lift their feet up after a hard day’s work. Additionally, recliners were mostly seen in the living room in front of the television. This is the time that started the era where recliners were often seen in most homes.

Before being discovered as furniture for relaxation, recliners were seen as luxury furniture. But then, during this time, men worked hard and wanted a place where they can relax when they got home.

Recliners: Change and Preference Throughout The Years

Recliners of this age were normally hefty as well as overstuffed. When modifications in decoration design adjustments so did the chairs. At this moment many people chose not to have these kinds of recliners. By 1970, these comfortable antiques discovered their method to cellars and also garages. This might have been the birth of the “Man Cave” idea extensively well-known today. Modifications in preference appeared to favor conserving room.

By the 1970s, these recliners have had smaller designs and can fit in most living rooms. But then these chairs often tended to be in out of the means dens and also not the official living areas. While some individuals simply declined to remove these comfortable chairs.

Recliners Today

Today’s recliners are made with wellness advantages and convenience that is difficult to match. Physical, as well as psychological wellness, is considered when firms today layout modern-day recliners. Raise chairs, warmed as well as no warmed massage therapy chairs, and also multi-seating choices are offered today. Whatever the purchaser requirement there is a chair for them. Obviously, these are just a couple of instances of contemporary recliners.

The reclining chair market has actually turned into a billion dollar industry and keeps on increasing as the demand increases. Recliners are additionally used in the workplace as well as wellness treatment setups. Just look at computer chairs which are found in the workplace.

Having a reclining chair to fulfill your demands is extremely crucial. Remember what sort of living area you desire when considering your acquisition. Remember that recliners have a relaxing and therapeutic benefit. The styles and also kinds of chairs offered currently today are practically limitless. Today’s recliners are a lot more inexpensive and are made to last for many years to enjoy a comfortable seat. You and also your brand-new recliner chair will certainly end up being peaceful pals for a very long time to find.

Find a recliner chair that fits your needs at Furniture & Mattresses.

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How To Decorate An Open Concept House With Furniture and A Lot More

Furniture Little RiverMaking spaces stream together can be an obstacle both in a closed concept and in an open-concept home. In an open-concept house, it is more essential to make certain that all the components collaborate such as paint, furniture, and accent pieces and that the area looks cohesive.

Here are some ideas for embellishing an open concept home.

Area Rugs can help identify spaces
the best way to identify space is by using a rug. When there is no natural division in-between spaces, a rug can be utilized to develop them. Put a carpet in a location where you ‘d like to have a dining space table and then put one in another close-by where you would like to ground the living space. Now, you have two new spaces in your area.

Monochromatic Color Design is a great idea
Embellishing with a monochromatic color pattern is among the safest alternatives for an open principle home. Pick a color you actually like and then utilize it in various tones and shades throughout the area. Do not forget to include some patterns. In a monochromatic color design, it is constantly good to combine the color with white (or in some cases black). Try to include an accent color also to add some depth and interest. In a monochromatic blue color plan, it’s great to include a couple of hits of something abundant like red or orange.

Let the Architecture Be Your Guide
Search for architectural information to help you specify the area. In some cases, open concept houses have moldings and paneling that produce breaks in between areas. Other times you can merely try to find corners and other shift areas and utilize them to specify your wanted locations.

Include Architectural Particulars
If there is no architectural information such as molding or paneling think about including some to assist you to specify the areas. Set up wainscoting in the location you ‘d like to utilize as the dining space. Even if you paint whatever the same color there’s a meaning to the areas that distinguish the dining-room from the adjacent locations.

Make Your Furniture Work For You
Make use of pieces of furniture to separate areas. In an open concept home all of the exact same guidelines of living space and dining-room decorating apply. Move furniture far from the walls and develop seating and discussion locations. You can likewise utilize big products like bookcases and screens to separate long walls and specify areas. Make sure you buy affordable but quality furniture.

Visit Furniture & Mattresses to get the best deals on your furniture.

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Signs That Your Mattress Needs Replacement

Little River MattressStudies show that having a good night’s sleep is critical to one’s health and wellness and yet most Americans are deprived of it. Research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) discovered that 75% of grownups have troubles resting well. The research revealed that 60% of participants experienced daytime drowsiness that hindered tasks, caused absences or mishaps at work. While clinical problems might be in charge of some circumstances of inadequate sleep, it could be your bed mattress that’s the problem.

Here are Indications That It Is Time To Replace Your Mattress

1. Your Mattress has reached its maximum lifespan of 7-10 years

Research has discovered that a bed mattress only has a lifespan of about 8 years. But its longevity depends on a variety of factors such as manufacturer, mattress type, and manner of use. If you are taller or heavier, then your mattress will likely have a shorter lifespan. If your mattress has reached this age, then it is time to find a new one.

Additionally, if your mattress seems to be drooping, then it is also a sign that it needs replacement. Uneven mattress foam can cause pain in your back and neck, thus disturbing your sleep.

2. Your bed mattress is uneasy

Understanding whether your mattress fits seem like good sense, yet many people endure the pain. If you try to sleep in a friend’s or relative’s bed and have a good night’s sleep, then your mattress may be the culprit. A bed might appear comfy in a display room however that may not carry out well in your home.

The top component of your bed mattress includes “comfort layers” that ought to sustain your body and alleviate stress. Comfort layers compress down with time leading to bad rest, as well as body pains. However, in many cases, your mattress choice could have been wrong from the beginning, which now requires replacement.

3. You wake up with body pains
Poor rest can add to persistent neck and back pain. If you get up in the morning or in the middle of the night with body pains, your bed mattress can be the cause. If your neck and back pain is even worse when you wake, yet subsides when you stretch or walk around, it is an indication that the bed mattress is creating or adding to your discomfort.

4. Worsening allergic reactions or bronchial asthma
If it’s not allergy season or there’s no alternative cause for your increased allergic reaction or bronchial asthma signs, your bed mattress could be the reason. Experts say that allergens present in your mattress can cause allergic reactions.

The protein in allergen feces might create allergies and also bronchial asthma attacks, as the dirt builds up in your bed mattress. Vacuuming, steaming, and also turning your mattress, may minimize dirt, and may reduce your symptoms. If these actions do not help, replacing your bed mattress may be the solution.

5. Substantial weight gain or weight loss 
For those that experience a substantial gain or loss in weight over the life span of your mattress, these changes may change the performance of your bed mattress. Research conducted showed both poor and also extreme sleep to weight gain are connected.

Always be an Educated Customer

If you believe you require a brand-new bed mattress, do your research, and be knowledgeable. Recognize the terminology and tricks utilized by bed mattress companies to make sure you purchase the item you require to fit your budget plan and also provide you with the most effective evenings rest. There’s no prescription for which bed mattress will certainly best fit your one-of-a-kind demands.

Bed mattress choice is a very personal choice which should meet the following standards- a cross-section of appropriate positioning, support, and convenience. For a wide range of mattress choices, visit Furniture & Mattresses.

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Furniture Buying Tips and The Importance of Coffee Tables

Furniture_Little RiverCoffee tables have existed since the Victorian era, which is roughly around 100 years. Coffee tables have been used as centerpieces in homes, a place for important discussions and even a night of entertaining guests. These are made from several materials such as wood, steel, glass, plastic, as well as several various other points.

Coffee table furniture is a crucial part of any kind of residence layout design as they are both functional and provide an appealing look to any kind of room. They are generally positioned in the center of the living room over a carpet or simply on the ground. The coffee table is truly meant to complement your couches, carpets, wall surface decor and paintings by completely linking them to each part of the living room.

Functional Objectives of A Coffee Table Furniture:

  • If you intend to have one in your living room, it will surely be the place where discussions and conversations can take place.
  • It could be a place to play a video game or parlor games with your children.
  • An area to have snacks and drinks throughout games and movie nights.
  • Perhaps, it could fit well in a mini library for your children’s research
  • When put in a living-room it could be placed in the living where a beautiful art piece is placed.

Choosing your Coffee Table Furniture


There are several inquiries to consider when selecting a coffee table due to the fact that you certainly desire the appropriate one for your home. Initially, ask yourself where you will be placing your coffee table and for what purpose. As much as possible, avoid buying glass coffee tables unless you want it to be scratched, or damaged. Rather, choose wood or steel as they are a lot more resilient.


Second, what sizes and shape do you need and want? Do you want a rectangular-shaped, round, oblong, or square table? If being positioned before a sectional sofa, a square table will look better. If you have more young children a round table is the better choice since it does not have sharp sides. Whereas a rectangular-shaped or oblong table is excellent to be put before any kind of sofa.

Overall Layout Design

Finally, you should consider your layout design. Be sure to select a table that enhances your room furniture and other decorations you currently have in your residence. Make it seem like an expansion of just what you currently have, not a weird item that stands out (unless that is your intention).

It is fun to have a coffee table in your home but it feels more exciting just choosing one. It does not have to be hard, it simply needs to be done right. With these tips you currently have, selecting your next coffee table will certainly be easy.

If you want to find a store that offers a wide variety of coffee tables and other furniture and mattresses, you can visit the Furniture and Mattresses Warehouse in Little River.

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Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Furniture Myrtle BeachEveryone deserves a beautiful, well-decorated home with great furniture. But what if you don’t have enough money to start a home decorating project? Fear not, you can still achieve a well-decorated home without breaking the bank. You just need a dose of creativity and a little help from your friends and family.

If you ask decorating experts, you’ll probably hear them telling that you can decorate one part of the room at a time. It does not have to be a big project at once.

Home Decorating Tips

Declutter. The first thing you need to do is clean and remove objects you have not used for a year, that includes clothes, dinnerware, and even appliances. You’ll be surprised how de-cluttering and removing unnecessary objects in your home can free up space.

Accent Wall. Next on the list of inexpensive home decorating ideas is to create an accent wall. Instead of painting the entire walls of your room, go for an accent wall. You’ll see how it can make a huge difference and how much you can save. Hang pictures or artwork or mirrors to make it more interesting.

Paint your door If you’re having second thoughts about an accent wall, why not paint your door. This way, you only get to buy one can of paint that will change your home’s entire look.

 DIY Artwork. Genuine art pieces can be really expensive, but you can make your own using old picture frames, magazines or an old fabric. Simply look for interesting pictures in magazines and place it in the old picture frame. You can actually do more than one and hang them on your accent wall. Using old fabric, make sure it has an interesting pattern and bright colors that will go well with your chosen room. Cut the fabric to the size of the frame and you’ll get an instant work of art.

 Re-purpose old wooden crates and pallets. You might have the urge to throw away old wooden crates and pallets, but did you know that you can turn these into accent pieces in your room? One home decorating idea is to turn old wooden pallets into accent furniture pieces such as bookshelves, wooden planters or even an outdoor couch.

From blinds to curtains. Vertical blinds are a thing of the past and it’s now time to update your window treatments by using curtains. Instead of buying expensive curtains, why not buy textiles from a dollar store or you can use old tablecloths and turn them into curtains. If you like to keep your old curtains, you can update its look by adding accent pieces such as beads.

Decorating your home is not as complicated as you think it is. You just need a good amount of creativity and the right people to help you out. Fortunately, Furniture & Mattresses has both. Call now for low-priced home decorating pieces you need.


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