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Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Furniture North Myrtle Beach

Furniture North Myrtle BeachPurchasing furniture can be a very difficult and complicated process. You do not want to buy a couch like how you purchase a laptop or TV. You cannot bring the couch with you after the transaction. Heck, you may not even know when the couch will reach your living room.

Just like all the other industries, the furniture sector is going through significant changes, thanks to the challenges brought on by the recession as well as the digital age, which translates to both benefits and drawbacks for furniture shoppers. The advantages include having more choices than ever before and being able to buy couches even when they are at the comfort of their own home. It is great for comparison shopping as well. Meanwhile, the advantages are that several furniture shops are struggling, and that means you will most likely encounter aggressive sales methods and sneaky approaches for these stores to earn more profits.

Four important things you need to watch out for when you shop for furniture

Price Tags – just like mattress shops, many furniture North Myrtle Beach shops place meaningless price tags on the items that they are selling. You should expect to negotiate or haggle. Don’t ever tell anyone that you got your couch at a discounted price since it is not something that you should be proud of. It most likely means that the price tags are way too high to start with. Discounts are also very distracting. You must look around and obtain an honest sense of the cost of the item and decide on the fair amount or price that you are willing to pay for.

Cost and Liability – Just like financing at a car shop, the delivery is usually where a wonderful deal turns bad. The cost of the delivery must be one of the first things you talk about with the salesperson at the store. It should never be an afterthought.

It is very important to set realistic expectations, especially when it comes to your furniture choices. In case you want a couch that will not fit in your front door or up your stairs, and there is damage during delivery, you will have to face quite a fight. Asking someone to try to place a square peg in a round hole can make you liable. One tip is to get the inexpensive digital laser tape measure, which is easy to use. Also, most furniture needs on-site assembly. Make sure that you understand who will pay for what and never forget to include the cost of tipping the people who will be doing the heavy lifting for you.

Getting The Furniture Home – for many consumers, the problem starts after paying for the furniture. That is when the reality that you need to have the furniture delivered to your home kicks in. Several furniture delivery trucks are worse than your cable guy when it comes to showing up late or not showing up at all. You can expect to be absent at work for the day or even two if there is a need to cancel. A good way to protect yourself is to check the cancellation policy of the store in case there is a problem with the delivery. You need to make sure that you get a 100% refund in case the store does not meet its responsibilities for delivery. The truth is, you do not want to cancel a purchase immediately if there is a problem. However, having the right to do that is crucial. No salesperson would want to lose a commission just because the delivery truck did not show up. Fortunately, there are shops like Furniture & Mattresses that offer same day delivery, which saves you a lot of time, hassle, and stress.

Financing – The interest-free financing offer is one of the many things that can make deals go bad. These kinds of deals can be structured differently. However, they usually involve what is referred to as deferred interest, which means the loan is free. However, if you don’t pay it off within the duration of the free period, you can expect to pay retroactive interest for the whole time you borrowed the cash. The rates are often between 20% to 30% for furniture. The minimum payments needed per month do not add up to the total cost of the furniture during the interest-free period is another factor that can complicate the deal. With furniture North Myrtle Beach shops, consumers like you can arrange for financing and guaranteed lowest price. The best advice when it comes to buying furniture is to go down or up. You can buy a piece of really expensive furniture that you can keep for a lifetime or buy a cheap one and expect to purchase another after a few years of use.

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living room furniture

Furniture Buying Tips All Year Round

living room furnitureBuying Living Room Furniture

There are two times in a year when new furniture designs hit the display room, that is during February and the month of August. Considering that shops need to include all those brand-new items, you can anticipate extreme cost cuts on all old stock. This consists of flooring designs, so make sure to inquire about these furniture samples, if you do not see them priced.

The majority of living room furniture Myrtle Beach shops want to bargain, so do not be reluctant to inquire to make a good offer better with a discounted rate or a giveaway. You may be amazed by their offers and prices.

Outdoor Furniture Buying

You can still use some collapsible chairs, up until late summertime and early fall, during the end-of-season sale. Shops do not wish to keep their unsold outdoor patio furniture up until the following year, so they will surely be marked down. This is the best time to conserve or snag better quality furniture than paying for it in their regular price. Be sure to shop early, talk with a sales representative, if possible, to find out when prices go down.

Buying Office Furniture

Tax season is a great time to purchase workplace furniture. Start searching for offers as quickly as you get your taxes submitted. If this is not the best time for you to buy, might as well wait for the back-to-school shopping season during the months of August to September. Shops will want to sell their flooring designs and overstocks, now that the back-to-school rush has passed.

Buying Used Furniture

Summer season is peak moving season; this is why thrift shops and consignment shops are generally full with stock throughout July and August. As households bring up stakes to transfer to brand-new homes, great deals of top quality furniture gets left behind. Drop in weekly to see what shops have participated in.

Another great time to go shopping thrift shops: January and February. As individuals dive into their New Year’s resolution to declutter and get arranged, great deals of great furniture get donated. This suggests a larger, much better choice than you’ll discover at other times of the year.

Revive Your Haggling Skills

If you are an individual who constantly never haggle, it’s time to hone your deal shopping abilities. You have to remember that when purchasing dining room furniture, the price tag is nearly never the last price. Be prepared with an opening deal that is 10 percent or more listed below the most affordable rate noted.

You might simply discover that another shop has a much better offer. Utilize this info to return and work out a much better rate with the shop where you initially saw the piece. If they will not play ball, go on and purchase it from the shop where you discovered the very best rate.

If you discover a piece that you like, jot down the name and design number, so you can go and compare costs prior to making your purchase. Call Furniture & Mattresses for your furniture needs.

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8 Easy Tips On Buying Furniture

furnitureIt’s very easy to get carried away when it comes to buying furniture. However, making unplanned decisions could lead to expensive mistakes. It would be awful to shell out on a piece of furniture when you could have had another one at a better price. Buyer’s remorse will definitely kick in really fast if you haven’t done your research first.

Never buy on impulse. If there’s one thing that holds true, it’s that impulse buying living room furniture will almost certainly lead to some form of regret. To steer clear of a mental breakdown and losing a huge chunk of your budget, ask yourself these 8 questions before you decide to buy:

Do I have enough space?

Aside from your budget, you should also list space on top of your considerations. How much space do you have left at home? It can be easy to be lured into buying furniture Little River – but do you have enough space for it? You need to take into account the space that you have in the area where you plan to place the furniture.

Who will be using that space?

If you’re not the only one who uses the space where the furniture will be placed, you need to consider the type of fabric, color, and design. All these things come into play, particularly if children will be using that space as well. Delicate fabrics will not work with children. Something more robust will do the job quite effectively.

What is the intended use of the space?

In some setups, the furniture is the focal point. Your furniture must not only be background pieces, but functional and enhancing elements in any room. If you’re buying furniture for your living room, it must complement its surroundings. It should never be an eyesore. The color, fabric, design, and type of wood must be well chosen to give the space an aesthetic enhancement.

What colors work best?

If color is a huge deal for you, it is important to take a look into various shades. Consider the overall color scheme of your room. Colors that contrast or complement the walls or other ornaments always works best. Don’t go overboard when choosing colors. If you want a more universal color, try going for darker shades. These make for great addition to most rooms.

Are there any existing furniture or art pieces in the room?

If the room you’re trying to put furniture in already has some items in it, start from there. It’s always a good thing to mix and match the colors and designs based on the existing items. This way, you can have a consistent theme across the room.

What do to if working with a bare room?

A barren room can be a little intimidating at first. If you’re not used to laying out some designs or simply don’t have any ideas in mind, start looking into magazines. These are quite helpful if you don’t have any experience doing design work. If you’re the adventurous type, go wild with your imagination. Since you have all the space to work with and no pattern or design to follow on, you are free to choose. Just be sure that you do make some plans to avoid any costly mistakes.

How long will the furniture remain in use?

If you’re planning to make use of the furniture for an extended period, you could go with the more expensive ones. Paying premium will get you good looking and long-lasting furniture. If you’re going to be constantly moving or plan to make some changes to your design in the near future, go light on your budget.

How big is your budget?

The amount of cash that you’re willing to spend will ultimately be the determining factor for your purchase. If you’re short on cash, you can buy used furniture instead of new ones. It may take some time to get the ones that you like, but it will be light on your pocket. If money isn’t an issue for you, going premium will be your best option.

Can’t decide on which furniture to get? Call Furniture & Mattresses today to get a list of awesome deals!

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baby furniture

A Quick Guide To Finding The Right Baby Furniture

baby furnitureToday, infant furniture could be personalized to match the demands of moms and dads in the baby room and other parts of the house. These types of furniture are used to make new parents and their babies comfortable. But how do you find the right baby furniture that matches your needs? Baby furniture must constantly be solid, positive, useful and above all, secure. When making or acquiring furniture for your child, bear in mind the sort of convenience you intend to offer your youngster. The Myrtle Beach furniture ought to satisfy every one of your child’s requirements.

Baby Furniture Buying Do’s and Dont’s

There are numerous points that you need to take into consideration prior to acquiring furniture for your baby.

* The needed baby furniture should be identified beforehand. For example, premium furniture is composed of wood such as oak, and also low-end furniture would normally be composed of plywood. Moms and dads could set their choices prior to acquiring.

* You must carefully review and examine the advised security needs for baby cribs and changing tables at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
website prior to acquiring any type of furniture for infants. Safety and security is a significant factor to think about prior to getting your furniture.

* Ideally, measure the location where the furnishings would be put to ensure there is enough area for the furniture.

* Just get furnishings that would certainly last a very long time. This does not suggest that you should most likely to every single store to locate furnishings that lasts the lengthiest time. The products need to not wear after routine usage.

* Shop for exchangeable furniture. As an example, a baby crib that could transform into a young child’s bed, a changing table that could be customized to become a desk, could be handy. This saves you from repeated home renovation costs.

* Growing children will definitely climb up the furniture, so buy those that could be bolted high. Likewise, do not put the furnishings near home windows, drapes, or blinds.

Look For Trusted Brands

There are brand names on the market which has high-end bed linens, sheets, and also coverings, soft garments for wiping children, besides a large range of child furniture consisting of cots, baby cribs, and also armoire.

On this amazing celebration when you are getting infant furnishings, there are numerous other points that you have to plan. There are brand names and furniture warehouse like Furniture & Mattresses which could give you great deals on wonderful designs and choices to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

You can also check Furniture & Mattresses website to find out about their baby furniture collection.

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Furniture Decorating Tips For The Holidays

Winter is creeping up on us and stores around you have already put up their holiday displays. You are already wondering what gifts to give to your family and friends and you hear Christmas songs being played on the radio. The holiday season is here. Decorating is just one aspect that people look forward to during this time of the year. But there is one thing that you might have not considered – decorating your furniture. There are countless ways to decorate your furniture and some of the best ones are listed below.

Why Update Your Furniture For The Holidays?

If you want to really get into the holiday spirit, you need to consider updating your furniture. There is just something special about being surrounded by items that are holiday themed. It makes you feel more cheerful, joyful, and excited. This should no longer be surprising. People feel like celebrating more once the Christmas tree is put up and whenever they hear Christmas songs being played. So, why shouldn’t this kind of holiday festivity extend to your furniture? Below are some explanations why you should decorate your furniture for the holidays.

It Shakes Things Up

Everybody likes to change things around them every so often.That is one reason why homeowners love to rearrange their furniture, repaint their walls, and purchase new clothes even if the old ones still look good.Everyone want to keep things exciting and fresh. If they don’t, then they’ll just get bored and feel like they are stuck in a rut. Why don’t you shake up your living room by redecorating your TV stand or your couch?

It Gives You Something To Expect

Perhaps you have a décor that you really like or a holiday themed item that you can only use for a couple of weeks during the holidays. Being able to display this piece is only half the fun. The other half comes from taking out of your storage and getting to see it every day. Furniture decorating can also fulfill this desire of yours.

It Helps Tie Your Decors Together

Adding a bit of holiday cheer to the many different Myrtle Beach furniture that you have can help in tying the holiday decorations of the entire house together.

How To Update Your Living Room Furniture?

Make your chairs and couch cozier by adding a few cold weather accessories like holiday themed pillows and arrange them artistically. It is also good idea to choose pillows that complement each other, the furniture,and the rest of the room. You should also consider adding holiday themed blankets to make them look decorative.

Lighting the windows makes the holiday season cheerier. You can choose to light candles or electric candles if you want to keep your things, house, and everyone safe. Adding string lights and wreaths are also great additions.

Styling your mantel piece is another wonderful option. You can hang stockings from the mantel and leave them there for the entire season instead of just during Christmas Eve. You can also add candles, candlesticks,and holiday greenery, to name a few.

Don’t forget to add some decorative ornaments on the side tables, coffee tables, and end tables. But don’t overload them with decorations because they still have to remain functional. Another option is to use your Christmas tree as a centerpiece as well as a focal point to your other holiday decorations. Even if your Christmas tree is placed in a corner, it can still be one of the most noticeable decoration and instantly catch the eye of your visitors once they enter the room.

Bedroom Holiday Decoration Tips

Holiday parties are usually held in dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms, there is so much decoration you can do to your bedroom furniture. First,you can make your bed as the centerpiece. Use holiday themed comforter and pillows for your bed instead of the usual ones you use. You can also decorate your dresser and nightstand by adding candles, lights, and greenery. You can also light up your windows using garlands, wreaths, and candles.

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wholesale furniture

Newlyweds’ Guide to Buying Home Furniture

Home Furniture Little RiverOne of the best times for a newlywed couple is when they start to build their home and adorn it with high-quality home furniture. It is interesting to see exactly how two different tastes in layout and design to produce a lovely interior, one to call their home. It may be easier said than done, but part of the selection process includes choosing the bed, dining table, and chairs, coffee table, evening stands, and the list goes on. After the wedding celebration, the young couple will possibly be busy finding the ideal furniture pieces for their brand new home. Depending on their budget, style and design preference, the couple could probably find a few items in several furniture stores.

 Home Furniture Buying Guide For Newlyweds

Look for quality furniture stores

When newlyweds are economically all set to buy their brand-new sophisticated and contemporary furniture, some fundamental buying suggestions should be remembered in order to get the most out of their purchase.

Canvassing and comparing the rates of furniture from 2 or 3 shops will greatly help in finding the best deal. The price is not the only factor to consider but the quality of the Myrtle Beach furniture and the shop’s reputation. Unless they intend to wind up with low-quality furniture, newlyweds should be patient in finding the best store.

Try to find stores online

Furnishing the home is a continuous process, where some items may change over time while matching the home’s layout. The next best location to scout for quality but affordable furniture as through online stores.

While there are some couples blessed enough to have an unlimited budget, others do not have the luxury. Their limited financial capability could also limit their furniture choice. If they ask for buying ideas from their friends and families, they will most likely be recommended to begin with used or pre-owned items. Some may even purchase from thrift shops just to stay within the budget. But if these couples try to look at Furniture & Mattresses in Little River, they will definitely find high-quality and unique furniture for every room in their home.

Furniture & Mattresses provides a hassle-free means of searching for the best item from a wide range of furniture in their showroom. When a furniture has been chosen, the couple can inspect the furniture’s quality and make the purchase.

Choosing and buying furniture is easy when you visit Furniture & Mattresses in Little River. Check out their wide selection of bedroom, living room, dining room furniture and more!

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Dining Room

Checklist For First Time Movers

Dining RoomMoving can be an overwhelming experience. However, there are things you can do to make it exciting and enjoyable for you and your entire family. You need to prepare several things for your new home and that includes making sure you have the right furniture. So, provided below is a checklist and a few tips to make your entire experience a breeze.

What Are The Moving Essentials You Need When You Move Out

Bed – don’t just place a mattress on your floor. A lot of people make the mistake of tipping their memory foam mattress up when their carpet was being cleaned and put them down even when they are not yet completely dry. After several months, the bottom of the mattress is covered with mold. So, please never put your mattress on the floor. Allow it to breathe. This is also applicable to hardwood floors.


Nightstand – If you do not want to get out of bed to switch off the light, be sure to get a nightstand that is large enough to hold your lamp, books, alarm clock and even a drink. If you are a workaholic, it should also be able to hold your laptop. If you don’t, you always have the option to simply drop your stuff on the floor and increase your risk of tripping over it in the morning. It’s your choice.

A place where you can put your clothes – whether it is a hanging shelf, closet, dress, bins, or an old cherry wood armoire, you should have some place where you can keep your clothes.

Laundry basket – you need to have one, if just for transportation.

Mirror – This is to ensure that you are just as beautiful as you think you are. A mirror that is mounted on the door have a tendency to become warped and distort your image.  Also, since you will be moving the door all the time, it is more likely to fall compared to one secured to the wall.

Something you can sit on– this could be an inflatable chair, sofa, couch, or beanbag. You have lots of options when it comes to Myrtle Beach furniture. Keep in mind that you can always get a slipcover to provide your couch an attractive phase.

Side tables or coffee tables– as refined as we think we are, we usually eat in our living rooms and in front of the TV, which means it is helpful to have a place where you can put your cheese puffs and your beer – or your brie cheese and Chardonnay on. Think of something that has drawers where you can store your remote control and your magazines.

Something where you can place your TV – whether it is a customized entertainment center, an old desk, a cheap TV stand, or anything where you can place your TV securely. You should also consider having a media storage where you can store your DVDs.

Lighting– whether they are ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, or something similar, you should evaluate what your place requires and be very sure that it is well lit.

Dining tables and chairs- you can get second hand dining tables and chairs in case you don’t want to buy new dining room furniture or you just don’t have the budget for it.

Desk and chair – These are optional. You can use it to keep your mail organized, for your laptop, and the like. You can find several ones at Furniture & Mattresses.

Heater or fan– you must check out if your apartment has central heat or AC. If not then you either need to get a fan, and AC unit, or a small heater.

Something to cover your window– you need to check if your apartment supplies shades or window blinds. If it does not, buy some ahead of time. Of course, don’t forget to measure your windows ahead of time or you can use a sheet and temporarily hang it on your windows.

Home Décor You Need To Consider

Provided below are some other pieces you should consider purchasing. Remember that these are all optional.

  • Bookshelves
  • Entry table, entry hooks, coat racks for your jackets and keys
  • Hanging shelves for your media, books, and anything else you would like to display
  • Rugs to help make your home look more colorful and cozier
  • Artwork or accessories that you can use to decorate
  • Curtains to keep your home warm
  • Microwave cart or buffet in case you need more storage space or more countertop
  • Candles to keep your place smelling nice

Tips To Make Your Moving Day Easier

  • Ask around for free boxes from your local grocery stores, neighbors or friends instead of buying new empty boxes.
  • Label your boxes according to the room where they should be placed. You can use different colored markers to write the labels.
  • Pack everything you need during the first few nights in a separate box. You don’t want to dig around all your boxes looking for your toothbrush.
  • You should also set up utilities in advance, if you can. This will help you have water and electricity during your first night. You might also be required to book an installation for your internet.
  • If you are doing a DIY move, you can ask your family members or friends to help you out. In exchange, you can offer to buy them dinner.
  • If you are purchasing furniture in advance, don’t forget to measure the doorways at your new home to make sure that they fit perfectly.
  • If you are renting an apartment, take photos of your new place before you move in. You need to document everything that is damaged or broken as part of your move in condition report.
  • Keep yourself on track by creating a to do list.

Call Furniture & Mattresses if you are looking for new mattresses, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, or dining room furniture for your new home.

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Why Splurge Only on Functional Furniture

When your budget permits, you can splurge on functional furniture pieces. It is also a way to save money because the better the quality of your furniture, the longer it will stand up through time and use and therefore you would not have to change it.

Invest most of your budget in functional furniture that will take the toughest wear which you need to last long, like sofas, chest and upholstered chairs. You can save by spending less money on accessory pieces that can, in time “go out of style” and does not cost much to replace, like coffee tables, lamps or vase.

Find one functional furniture where you can focus on building the room. It can be either an antique armoire or a contemporary chair, having the proper furniture as the focal point of the room will establish a basis for which to begin your design.

Likewise, a quality hand-crafted functional furniture or a damask sofa, although expensive can be worth it in the long run, especially when it is located in a room where there is constantly high-traffic or used often.

Versatile functional furniture is definitely worth the splurge because they will shine and serve just about anywhere. For instance, Parsons chairs, as the occasion calls for it, may be moved from the “dining room” to the living room.

Here are guidelines for buying functional furniture:

  1. Decide first what type of furniture you want and make certain there is enough space in that specific room for it.
  2. Purchase the best furniture your money can buy. However, if it exceeds your allotted budget, it is not sensible.  Just allocate a budget then be sure that you “stick to it”.
  3. Make sure that the furniture that you will buy is the one that you really want.
  4. Search the Internet for functional furniture pieces that you really want. Browse several online manufacturers and if you find something that you like, remember to do comparison shopping as well.
  5. When you discover a furniture piece that really attracts your design taste either on the magazine or online and match your budget, visit the store to see furniture first hand.
  6. While the furniture looks really good while in the showcase, it may not, however, look nice in your room. Imagine how the piece will look when in your room.

Go ahead, splurge on some and save on some. You just need to know which pieces you can have inexpensively and those you need top quality. The choice is yours at Furniture & Mattresses in Little River.


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Furniture Myrtle Beach

To Keep or Not to Keep? Know Which Furniture are Durable Enough to Save

Furniture Myrtle BeachYou are cleaning out your apartment and getting rid of all the useless stuff that’s been piling up in it for years. You notice the couch you bought when you first moved into your apartment, the very first piece of furniture you ever purchased. You hardly use it anymore because you’ve bought another couch, and because it’s already quite damaged, owing to the many years of wear and tear it had already been through. Still, you can’t seem to part with it. You decide to have the couch repaired so that you can use it again and give it a new life.

To save or not to save, that is the question.

But how would you be able to tell if the mattress or furniture is really worth saving? What if having the couch repaired would cost as much as buying a brand new one? Is it still worth saving then?

Here are some ways for you to determine if a piece of furniture is worth saving for repair.

To Keep or Not to Keep?

It’s in the frame

If the main structure or the frame of the furniture is intact and durable, it might be worth saving. The only things that you will probably have to get fixed or replaced are the fabric, foam and other minimal parts of the furniture. This also gives you the opportunity to change the color and design of the furniture so that you can update its look.

You can’t get rid of a classic

If a piece of furniture has classic lines and an overall classic style and design, you might want to keep the furniture and have its worn out parts repaired. Besides, as the saying goes, you can never go wrong with a classic – the saying holds true with fashion and film, as well as furniture.

If the furniture has sentimental value.

If a piece of furniture has been passed on from generation to generation of your family, an heirloom like that is almost definitely worth saving. You can’t put a price tag on sentimental value, so by all means, try and save a piece of furniture that has much of it.

Of course, if the piece of furniture is nearly impossible to repair or will cost too much money, the best alternative is to commission a craftsman to create an exact duplicate of the furniture.

Still can’t decide if you want to save your furniture and have them repaired? Have a trusted handyman or a professional upholstery service look at the piece of furniture. As experts on the matter, they’ll be sure to know what to do.

For furniture that will last for generations, you can visit Furniture & Mattresses for a wide range of furniture and mattresses you can choose from.


Furniture & Mattresses
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Myrtle Beach furniture

Furniture & Mattresses Holds Its First Ever Labor Day Sale

The first Monday in September is Labor Day, a holiday that is all about honoring workers. Apart from that, this day also marks the end of summer shopping season. Given that, Labor Day is the best time to score great deals including furniture items.

Labor Day is among the biggest sale days in the United States, just like Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. So, what departments should you be on the look out for? Summer items like home furniture can be good buys. Just make sure that you have enough room at your home.

Stores like Furniture & Mattresses will be clearing their shelves of summer products and with that, they will most likely offer great discounts. Furniture & Mattresses operates a massive 28,000 square foot warehouse. This locally family-owned store is open every day of the week. If you visit their shop, you will be greeted by a welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable staff who will help you find exactly what you are looking for, whether it is a Myrtle Beach furniture or a mattress.

Furniture & Mattresses offer a variety of products including sofas, recliners, mirrors, mattresses, bed frames, and many more. They are famous for offering the best service and prices. Get to choose from an extensive selection of products and you will surely find one that is most suitable for your budget and lifestyle.

Furniture & Mattresses will be holding its first ever sale starting Friday at 9 AM, well before the Labor Day Weekend. Aside from that, they will also be having the Divorce sale where everything must go to settle with the ex-wife. Everything, which means all items, will be on sale. It will be a first come, first serve basis. The store will completely be restocked after the sale. So, if you have decided to go, be sure to shop early. The best items always go fast and you don’t want to miss out on the best deals that are in store for you.

Please come celebrate our FIRST SALE IN THE 10 YEAR HISTORY of our family owned and operated furniture and mattress store. An opportunity to move our wonderful friendship and beautiful kid’s forward on life’s terrific business and personal journey.

Don’t forget to head to Furniture & Mattresses for the best Labor Day Sale.

Furniture & Mattresses
1008 Highway 17 North
Little River, SC  29566
(843) 353-6568

Cities Served:

Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Conway, Carolina Forest, Forestbrook, Little River, Longs, Loris, North Myrtle Beach, Cherry Grove, Shallotte NC, Brunswick County, Horry County