buying a sofa

buying a sofaSome people may refer to it as duvet, couch, settee or divan. But whatever name you might call it, a sofa is considered a major investment when it comes to shopping for living room furniture. Why? Simply because it adds unique aesthetic beauty and provides stylish comfort in your living room.

If you’re planning to buy a sofa for the first time from stores like Furniture & Mattresses, you better follow these simple advice so you won’t regret your decision.


People buying a sofa in Little River for the first time disregard this advice. They think that since it is their first time buying one, spending a hefty price for a sofa is the way to go. However, this is where the problem starts. Not having a specific budget will simply take you to a wide range of choices that often end in disappointments. It is better to start making your choices using the process of elimination, and the best way to start is knowing your budget.

Tip: When you come into a showroom, you can ask for sofas within your specific budget. From there you can start considering other important factors such as design, and quality.


Another important thing to consider in buying a sofa is the comfort. Surely, nothing beats a comfortable and well-cushioned sofa. Do not easily be fooled with colorful prints and stylish looks. Try sitting on it first and make sure that there is enough space for you to sit comfortably. Observe how easily you could get up or sit on it.

Tip: Everyone should never ever buy a sofa without trying it on first.


One of the major mistakes in buying your very first sofa is not considering the size of the room. Do not get excited about the first sofa you see, take note of the size of the room. Imagine how it will fit in its designated room in your house. Try to consider a not too small or too big sofa, just one that’s right for your room.

Tip: To get a clear estimate of the size of your sofa, you can simply take measurements in the desired space in your living room. This could be your reference when you go sofa shopping.


There are several things to consider in choosing the design of your first sofa such as color, fabric and cleaning method.

In choosing the perfect color, you can match it with the theme and style of your living room or coordinate it with other key pieces in your room. Buying the wrong colored sofa could potentially ruin your room’s whole look.

As for the fabric, consider factors such as how often do you think the sofa will be used, or if there will be children who will sit on it. Keeping these things in mind will take you to less complicated and easy to clean fabrics. If you are not sure about cleaning methods, you can ask your local professional cleaners.


The quality of the sofa goes beyond the aesthetic beauty. A good quality sofa is one that you can use for a long period of time. It has great back support, sturdy leg and frame joinery, and cushion won’t weigh down easily.

Haven’t figured out what sofa to buy yet? Let Furniture & Mattresses help you decide.

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