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Understanding Different Mattress Types

How does a home furniture buyer know which is the best mattress for them? This is a question lots of Myrtle Beach homeowners have thought about, probably now more than ever because we have a lot of options. Typically, people tend to repurchase the exact same kind of bed mattress they had in the past, out of worry of making an expensive error or due to the fact that they are unsure of other alternatives. Plus, researching products requires time, something most of us have little of to spare. In this guide, Furniture and Mattresses will be sharing our research into different bed mattress types to provide a beginning point. We will introduce and compare the 3 leading kinds of mattresses presently on the market so you will be better geared up to cut through the buzz and select a bed that meets your needs.

Innerspring, Coil, Pillowtops

This group makes up the conventional innerspring bed mattress most people are familiar with. Coil bed mattresses were first presented in the 19th century. Since industrialization, these have actually stayed the most typical mattress in most Myrtle Beach homes and condos.

Building and construction

A total spring bed mattress includes the mattress springs, the box spring base and padding layers. Metal coils are the primary support system for this type of mattress.  Currently the types of springs in use are connected Bonnell coils to what is referred to as pocketed springs. The number of coils and the gauge is what is used to determine the quality of the mattress. A 14-gauge is high-quality with the give and take of the bed decreasing as the gauge goes down. Coil count can be more difficult to gauge, however the concept is that the greater the variety of coils, the better the bed can contour and support the sleeper. On top of the coils, manufacturers use stuffing, foam, and padding, to offer a comfy sleeping surface. They can range from fundamental quilting to memory foam or latex, and might be numerous inches thick.

Memory Foam

The basic construction of the mattress is much the same regardless of the manufacturer. The “memory foam” portion of the bed mattress is the upper layer, which might be anywhere from 2-8 inches thick. Underneath is a layer of denser base foam which does not contain the memory component which prevents the sleeper from completely sinking to the bottom of the bed. There will be several layers of this form with differing qualities and in some instances air channels will be added to the layers to decrease the buildup of heat.

Two aspects of memory form beds that need to be considered are type and density. You will find different types such as basic or tradition visco foam which is slower to reshape and can be sensitive to heat, plant-based which utilizes natural oils and is easy to breathe and responds more quickly, and gel plus memory foam which is considered cooler than other alternatives. The best density will range between 4 and 5.3 pounds per square foot. Anything more would cause the mattress to be too firm and less would not provide the necessary support.

Latex Mattresses

Of the three types of beds, this is the simplest to construct. Both the support and comfort layers will be made of latex foam. After the foam is constructed, it is cut and treated and then layered to produce a mattress (some manufacturers will glue the layers together.) Cotton or wool may be used as a cover.

When looking at latex mattresses, the two things to consider are the type of latex and how it was manufactured. Originally the Dunlop was the first method for making latex foam, which leads to a durable, firm product. The Talalay process is more controlled and yields an item touted as more constant. This manufacturing process tends to be higher in price, although in consumer tests, the two types tend to perform the same. Either type can be made from synthetic chemically-derived latex, 100% natural latex or a mix of the two. Latex proponents prefer the all natural product for its eco-friendliness, durability and hypoallergenic homes.

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